We build healthy children, healthy
lives, healthy communities.

Feel the MOMENTUM!
Longitudinal Learning Activities.

About Us

Health Appropriate Programming Characteristics

Safe and Structured Environment

Homework and Academic help

  • Reading-Phonics/Speed Reading

  • Writing Time – Journal

Leadership Development

  • Peer Leadership Corp – Grow Trainers
  • Summer Associates

STEAM Leaning Opportunities

  • Science – Coding/ 3D
  • Technology- Basic Tech Ed. (Electric)
  • Engineering – Construction Drawings/Building/CAD
  • Art – Art as Life – Paydeauxpaints.com
  • Math -Tweak

Physical Activity Opportunities/Outdoor Activities.

  • JW COME PLAY Campaign.
  • South Suburban Seminoles Football.
  • NOLES Cheer
  • RPD Drummers
  • SS Ballers
  • NOLES Tennis (USTA)

SEL – Time to interact with peers and build social skills

  • Safe spaces to discuss. In group experiences we
  • eliminate isolation

Our Services

Certified Professionals

  • Certified Teachers – ELIS Registration.
  • Credentialed Workers – CPR/First Aid with Youth
  • add on, OSHA, IL-QPSA, CBAT 
  • Trauma Informed
  • Take Home Activities- Art Boxes, Journal Projects
  • Virtual Activities-Reinforcement and Virtual
  • Delivery
  • Access to Technology – Computers, Internet and
  • Broadband
  • Opportunities to Develop Life Skills-Building
  • Communication, Teamwork, Critical Thinking Skills
  • Check in Calls with Students and Families
  • Staff Professional Development
  • Aligned Services
  • NIH Cleaning Protocol
  • Social Distancing Guidelines